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Frame Choice

Already seen a frame you like?

In many instances a customer will already have seen the frame that they wish to purchase. This may have been a frame owned previously, worn by a friend or seen in a high street store. If this is the case then all you need is the frame codes for the model, colour and size.

These will be found on the sidearm of the frame and the bridge.


In the D&G frame above the Model code is 5013, the colour code is 095 and the size is 51/17 with a 135 arm length

Occasionally the lens width and bridge size will be located on the bridge of the frame


Not decided on a frame yet?

It maybe you haven’t seen or decided on your perfect frame yet? If this is the case the basic guidelines below may help in your search

Face Shape

Oval face - An oval face gives you the widest choice of frames to choose from – virtually any frame will suit you!

Diamond Shaped face – Square frames or frames with a straight top and rounded bottom are good options. The aim is to add width to the forehead and jaw and make your cheekbones appear narrow. Avoid “bling” on the temples and decorative logos as it will exaggerate the cheekbones

Round Face – wide rectangles shapes are good as they make the face look longer, thinner and less round

Square face –oval frames or angular frames with soft corners. This will give your face softer curves.

Triangle shaped face – Choose frame styles that angle up and out at the top corners. Cats eye shapes are good for ladies and square for men. Half rim frames are also good.

Choosing frame colour

Ideally the frame colour should complement the skin tone, hair and eye colour.

Skin tone can be categorised into warm and cool tones. Warm toned skin is a bronzed, golden tone. Cool tones are paler, pink and blue undertones

Warm tones are ideally suited to: gold, bronze, copper, Havana, tortoise, Havana, brown, corals, and also bright strong colours

Cool tones are ideally suited to: silver, pewter, gunmetal, blue, grey, and pink, black, violet

Colour choices for hair colour follow the same rules as skin tone.

Warm hair colours would be blond, brown, light brown and jet black

Cool hair tones would be silver, grey, auburn, blue black

Your skin tone is the best way to match frames.

Occasionally it’s better to just throw out the rule book and go for the dramatic, funky look and choose something that suits your personality. After all sometimes it’s good to make a statement!